Waiting With Excited Anticipation

How passionate are you about getting to know the Lord and doing His will?


Waiting With Excited Anticipation

Psalm 130:5 (KJV) I wait for the Lord , my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope.

It is tragic, but “normal” for most American “Christians” to get more excited about an upcoming birthday or Christmas than they are about the possibility of Jesus manifesting His life, love and power in their lives.

Most “Christians” I know, unfortunately, have difficulty believing that God is going to do anything in their lives beyond saving them. Perhaps it is because they know in their hearts that they are giving God the least attention and service possible and expect Him to be the same.

They give Him what they want and withhold what they want and look at God as though He were a man like they are. They don’t want to tithe and, so, they don’t and justify it by saying that they really can’t afford to and that it’s not required anyway. I hear it all the time: “I love Jesus! He’s my everything!,” but only come to church when it’s convenient, if at all, and don’t give a dime to keep the “pillar and ground of truth” open and financially viable.

“I read my Bible and pray at home” is a cover all to claim piety and a claim to covenant promises. Too bad the Bible teaches otherwise. Such is a wicked delusion that leads to destruction.

Our verse today calls us to wait, הוק qavah, that is, to wait with excited anticipation while looking eagerly for every opportunity to be bound together in the bundle of God’s love. It is a decision of the soul, accompanied by hunger and thirst for more of Him by those who hope, לחי yachal, trust and are unwaveringly stayed upon His Word.

The true believer is eager to satisfy the Lord’s every desire, whether commanded or implied. Realizing the price paid for them they live a resurrected, self-less, life in Christ and rest in His comfort and provision as they seek to know Him ever more intimately.  


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