Caught Up In Jesus

The Spirit of God is impregnating our spirits with words of life, power and purpose. This is an exciting day in which to live!Image

I’m so caught up in Jesus! This season of life has filled me with a sense of His Presence. I am so completely captivated by what He is speaking. 

He has said to me,

“You will not speak to your opposition. You will not speak of your opposition. You will speak of your confirmation and you will speak to your foundation”.  

Isn’t that powerful? Can you grasp this with me?  

God has completely taken care of all that has arrayed itself against us! It is as though the enemy does not exist!

He has spoken. He has spoken a word to each of us and we are to abide in it.

Now, we are to speak what He spoke. We are to stir up the memory of the confirmation, the “first fruit”, and declare it.

He has executed His Divine plan and nothing can stop it’s coming into being. The plans have been drawn. The foundation trenches are dug and the reinforcement steel has been put in place. The concrete has been poured as we spoke concerning the word of the Lord already planted deep within or hearts. Now we speak to our foundation and say, “Arise in the name of Jesus, to the glory of God.”  

Again, the Spirit has said,

“There is no storm on the horizon. There is not even a swarm of gnats. There is not a cloud of dust kicked up by a dog. Your enemies without and within are removed far from you. Watch the windows and the doors for I AM committed to do this thing!”

There has never been a time more pregnant with promise than this time in which we live.



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