The Blessed Man

The Blessed Man 

Psalm 84:5 (KJV) Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee; in whose heart are the ways of them.

The man who draws his strength from the Lord will walk on a highway of blessing. Our text reads, Blessed ר א ‘esher, blessed and happy, is the man םדא ‘adam, or those men, whose strength זע ‘oz, power, might and boldness, is in the Lord, whether in material, physical, personal, social or political arenas.

Those in whose heart בבל lebab, the inner man, which includes the mind, will, heart, soul, understanding, including their, inclinations, resolutions, determination [of will]), and courage, are the ways הלסמ m cillah, highway causeway, path, and courses of blessings abundant.

The blessed man will pass through trouble and trial, ever advancing toward his promised victory in Christ:

Psalm 84:6 Who passing, רבע ‘abar, passing over or by or passing through, advancing through the valley קמע ’emeq, vale, lowland, of Baca, אכב Baka’, weeping, or, אכב baka’, an open wound that is weeping, make, תי shiyth, make like, or appoint it a well, ןיעמ ma’yan, fountain, springs fed by the rain, הרומ mowreh, early rain, (or the refreshing stream of words spoken by an able, and caring teacher), also filleth, הטע ‘atah, covers or wraps oneself in, envelops oneself in, the pools.

The blessed man will move through trouble to refreshing and on to possess the victory wrought by Christ.

Psalm 84:7 They go, ךלי yalak, proceed, move, from strength, ליח chayil, being a man of valor and ability, which leads to riches, wealth,and substance, and increases to greater strength, ליח chayil, being a man of valor and ability with more riches, wealth and substance, every one of them in Zion, ןויצ Tsiyown, Sion, a parched place, but who appeareth, האר ra’ah, to look at and presents oneself face to face, before God, םיהלא ‘elohiym, the (true) God (or, God and His angels).


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