Taste and See

Sharon and I have just returned from Israel. What a joy it was, indeed. I’ll be writing about our trip and my impressions in my other blog at http://drgeorgestover.blogspot.com/ Join me as we make this journey called life together.

Now, for today’s devotional:

Taste and See

O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psalms 34:8 (KJV)

Have you ever sat down for dinner as a guest in someone’s home and had them serve something that you weren’t sure you wanted to eat? If you have ever traveled to other countries and allowed yourself to enter their culture you have. I’ve been there and have found that sometimes looks are deceiving. The very thing that I didn’t think I would like turned out to be absolutely delicious and I couldn’t get enough of it.

The things of God are similar in that they don’t always sound or look as good as they are. This, no doubt, is why the Word of God encourages us to “taste and see.”

The word, “taste,” is the Hebrew word, ta’am, which simply means to taste, to eat, and, interestingly enough, to perceive.

See, har ra’ah, not only means, to look at, or behold, but also carries the meaning of “perceive.” There is a strength to this Hebrew word which causes one to give it more weight than our English understanding normally calls for. We are to, learn about, find out about, give attention to and look intently at, the fact that, “the LORD is good.” YHWH, the Existing One, is, towb, good, precious, prosperity, wealth, excellent, becoming, pleasant, valuable in estimation , kind, benign, right (ethical), absolutely moral and right.

The man that realizes this and is willing to trust Him enough to “taste and see” will be blessed, ‘esher. This person will find himself filled with happiness and overcome by God’s favor and protection. This word, rva ‘esher, also means that he will find himself to be made holy.

So, don’t push the plate away. Dive in and “taste and see that the LORD is good.” Once you do, you will be back for more and more and more even though every “bite” completely satisfies. Enjoy the table of the LORD and His goodness, excellence, wealth and prosperity. Receive by faith in the mighty name of Jesus, the Christ of God, our Lord and Savior. 



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