Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, Beloved of God!

Yes, it’s that time again isn’t it?

Be careful won’t you? Don’t let this season over-tax you. You are running a high stress lifestyle as it is. Serving the King can be as, or more, stress full as any job on earth.

Oh, I know, I know, you give it all to Jesus! How well I know – It is much easier to say than it is to do when an already over busy schedule adds the rigors of the holiday season. I wonder if this is isn’t why some groups decided that “Christmas is of the devil.” Perhaps it was easier to do away with it than it was to deal with the stress.

Pace yourself; take time for you and your loved ones. You would be surprised at how much can be left undone by you and the world will keep on turning in the hand of God. Allow the Lord to deal with those you may have to say no too. Draw aside and let this time of year become one of contemplative review as well as prayerful viewing of the year ahead.

Let the visitation of an Angel to Mary and Joseph cause you to seek understanding in the midst of that which is not understandable in the natural. Allow the birth in Bethlehem to renew and refresh you with the hope of promise for the days ahead. In fact, allow God to birth in you a fresh dream or vision for you to walk upon by faith. Become inpregnated with the Divine Seed filled with the Wisdom of God for this hour. Let these next few days of December become holy days where you can look back in days ahead and say, “I met with God and He overshadowed me with His Spirit.”

These times we are living in are absolutely too awsome to miss because we are doing good things instead of God things. If Satan cannot break your desire to serve God, he will encourage you to entangle yourself in activity that will strip you of the energy and time necessary to do God’s highest and best.

My prayer for you this season is that you will hear like you have never heard before, see like you have never seen before and that discerning of spirits will operate in your life as it never has before. 



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