Not for the faint hearted…

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Church planting is not for the faint hearted. It takes an immense amount of faith, patience and sacrifice. The members, partners and friends of Wellspring Ministries – Churches & Missions have given over $908,000.00 to acquire and build on the property here in Las Vegas. 
Now, we only have $496,000.00 to go and we can move in to our facility.
To keep our building permit active we have been advised that we will need to raise $250,000.00 to $275,000.00 in the next six months. This will be what is needed to raise the walls and install the roof. How exciting it will be to see the building rise off of the pad.
We believe that you want to be a partner in our effort to establish this much needed facility in this city. Needless to say, we would welcome your participation.
We have believed, therefore we have spoken. Our trust is in our God who shall supply all our need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. No doubt about it! 
You have paid for the current phase which were the 22 pillar bases that have just been formed and poured. Thank you for your faithful and generous support!
This ministry has faithfully served Las Vegas and the World for over 26 years. We are positioning ourselves to meet the need of the great harvest of souls that is coming soon. Our missions giving and sending has not stopped, although it has been hindered by the need for an adequate facility.
Help us build this soul winning, believers training, and missions sending headquarters church. The Harvest is coming in and we must be prepared for the countless numbers of people that will need to be discipled.

We do not despise these days of small things, but are extremely excited at how the Lord is positioning us to be debt free during the greatest revival that this world has ever seen.  

Sharon and I are so thankful for and so proud of you, our Wellspring family of partners. Not only are you sowers in the area of finance but you also sow the precious seed of the Gospel. 200 people have accepted the Lord so far this year through the ministry of the people in this church. Many others (over 450) have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit during our outreaches (three more in a recent service). God is moving in both of our campus’ and we are seeing people saved, healed, delivered, prospered and encouraged. 

 Together, WeCAN Build in 2013 – Partner with us Here  

 The most critical and needy mission field in the world is right here at home. Our beloved country is staggering in godless secularism and moral collapse. If we are to rescue this nation for the sake of our children and our children’s children we must act now. We are committed to this task that is so near to the heart of God. 

 The hour we live in calls us to press into the gates of heaven and lay hold of our inheritance. “Give and it shall be given” is the promise of God to those who will come along side us as we build debt free. In fact, the Lord spoke to me and has promised to make every sacrificial giver “a thousand times more than you are” as you participate with a willing heart.

 WeCAN do all things through Christ which continually strengthens us.

 We believe we receive in Jesus’ name!  Please know that we thank God upon every remembrance of you! You enrich our lives and make this ministry possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your faithful support!

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