My joy is to add value to your life

The Word of God is a living letter of love from God to you. That is why I love to meditate upon it and its Author daily.

What I find in the pages of this Book of Life causes me to live a joy filled, peaceful and productive life. I wand to share what I find so that you, too, can enjoy the fullness of all that Jesus died to provide. 

I know that I can bring encouragement and add value to your life and the life of others by sharing what the Lord shows me day by day.

Won’t you join me in this ministry of building and encouraging by letting someone you know how much you enjoy these devotionals. Invite them to join this e-mailing list. Just forward this “Thought for Today” to your family, friends or co-workers and suggest they subscribe. There is no cost as we sincerely want to bless them!

Also –  

Join us as we stream messages that will build your faith 24/7 on the Internet at .  

Streaming on demand messages are also available at as well as the website.  

Sharon and I travel and preach together as the Lord leads.  If you would like to have us come minister to your church or organization,  please call (702) 631-5027 or email: to make arrangements. We would love to come and bless you!


We live to serve you.

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