Integrity – Don’t leave home without it.

On Moral Integrity

Why, exactly, do we need moral integrity? What, exactly, is moral integrity? Can there be individual integrity without a moral basis? This is something we all need to consider.

There is no possibility of the successful development of a society without a common value system to order the daily affairs of its members. It simply cannot withstand the pressures or heat that it must move through any more than the could the cruise ship Titanic or the space shuttle Columbia. Even if there are only two individuals, there must be a set of ground rules by which one may relate to the other. In fact, an individual cannot function alone without a certain sense of purpose and worth. In other words, there must be a proper sense of being and adequate rules to live by. Recognizing this basic human need brings us face to face with the need to question who, or what, has the right to mandate or decree a set of moral values that could be the framework or basis of integrity?

Is mankind left to itself to develop and establish such a critical framework for interpersonal relationships, or is there someone who holds the right to hold the plumb line from which all society might gain direction?

We cannot speak of being moral without believing that there might be an absolute standard of behavior that would qualify a person as being moral or immoral. If integrity is partially defined as, the quality of having strong moral principles, then morality must be defined to the degree that all people within a given community could agree as to the absoluteness of its standard. And if we understand being moral to mean being concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior, the goodness or badness of human character, and adhering to a code of behavior that is considered right or acceptable, or a standard of behavior, a principle of right and wrong, then we begin to see the need for an established and accepted norm of moral values.

Any nation, great or small, will eventually collapse and its world-wide influence fade as did the mighty Roman Empire if it does not have the absolute moral integrity that is found in the Word of God. People will either be ruled by their heart or by the sword.  

May it be that every Christian will endeavor to be a heart changer by sharing the love and power of God and His Son.  


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